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DIGITAL DESIGN PROTOCOLS, 3rd Semester Core Graduate Design Studio, Fall 2009-2011, Cornell University Department of Architecture
Studio Instructor & Coordinator: Dana Cupkova

The Core Design Studio 3 introduces students to computation as a generative framework for architectural design. The studio integrates computational design techniques and processes in order to speculate on various strategies for intervention in the urban environment. Through iterative investigations of organizational, scalar, formal, tectonic and performative logics students define their specific design protocols for the specific architectural project. The Core Design Studio 3 introduces an understanding of a design method as a dynamically transformative process of adaptation of the newly developed organization into existing strata/ecology of the site, while negotiating the rules of behavior of both the new systems and their context. The goal is to establish a framework for a dynamic feedback between the new systems and to negotiate their final organization into an integrated proposal with a tectonic specificity.