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Sandra Gering Gallery; New York, NY
Art Gallery / Built / Completed in Spring 2001

The Sandra Gering Gallery is a 650 square foot space located in the heart of Chelsea’s art gallery district. Contrary to the prevailing minimal aesthetic of the galleries in the neighborhood, a different language is deliberately used to create a versatile small-scale exhibition space. The spatial geometry is carefully constructed to animate the effect of scalar oscillation between a frame for art and a space of architecture. This design strives to question a tradition of neutrality defined by the internalized white cube as a norm for showing art. Exercising the pragmatics of art curating into a specific performative geometry, the lighting fields, programmatic requirements for art placement, gallery office and storage are used as a constraint series for spatial organization and visual layering. Addition rather than subtraction is used to generate the illusion of expansion.

Project Principal & Designer: Dana Cupkova © DCm-STUDIO / Support Team: Martin Meyers, Luben Dimcheff / General Contractor: Gerry O'Dowd / Lighting Consultant: Christine Sciulli