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COMPONENT SYSTEMS I, Research Seminar, Spring 2008, Cornell University Department of Architecture
Instructor & Design Team Leader: Dana Cupkova

Component Systems is a building technology research seminar with a focus on the transitional state of prefabrication techniques from an industrial to a digital paradigm. The focus of the critique was on the relationships between manufacturing technology and the production of living environments which started with the automated assembly line. Just as in the early 20th century Le Corbusier’s Maison Domino prototype paved the way for the separation of skin and structure, new concepts of building systematization based on digital technologies have resulted in the proliferation of over-optimistic productions, translating the variable of economic benefit into the repetition of the same. The goal of the seminar was to engage the notion of repetition and modularity as an underlying concept with potential to produce singular moments of differentiated organization to create specific spatial effects. The ambition was to have systemic control over the distribution of performative elements with customizable variations and test them in built form.