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THERMAL MASS REGIMES: Geometrically Actuated Thermal Flows
Design Research / Project supported by the New York State Council on the Arts Project Grant; Berkman Development Fund CMU; Liceaga Grant CMU; Cornell University Faculty Grant / In-progress

MASS REGIMES is a research project that investigates effects of complex geometry on the process of passive heat distribution in thermal mass systems. Operating under the premise that complex geometries can be used to improve both the aesthetic and thermodynamic performance of passive heating and cooling systems, the intention is to better understand design strategies that can effectively control thermal gradient between the buildings and their environment. Using passive strategies of thermal mass and manipulation of surface geometry to volume distribution coupled with material properties the focus is on a deeper understanding of how specific morphological manipulation of mass distribution to surface area affects the rate of thermal transfer. Having calibrated data that describe the performance of such complex systems is a necessary first step in developing mathematically based design guidelines for effective use of complex material patterning in passive architectural systems.

Principal Investigator: Dana Cupkova / Research Associate: Nicolas Azel / Design and Production Team: Max Vanatta, Sameera Razak / Project Consultant: David Bosworth & BuildLab LLC /