2018 January

Senyai project wins the 2017 LIT Design Awards in the Hotel and Restaurant Design category. LIT Design Awards was created with the belief that lighting is an art and a science, and it is one of the most important elements of design.

2017 December

Aisha Han writes about Senyai in The Tartan, Carnegie Mellon’s student newspaper.

2017 November

Senyai project wins The American Architecture Prize, read more in the CMU news article.


| Thesis Projects | 2009-2010 |

| Cornell University | Thesis Adviser: Dana Cupkova with others |

These sample thesis projects showcase design investigations framed within a digital paradigm of component based design logic and adaptive modularity. Moving through multiple scales, from wall system to architectural system to urban self-organizational logic, the overarching design method propagates inquiries into repetition with adaptive variability which re-think, test, and prototype whole to part relationships that have material, formal and organizational implications for design. The Newfangled Blocks (Fitch) projects plays with coded specificity for gradual transformation of topology into an authored object. metaCave v.2 (Kim) tests component-based design strategies and their sequencing into construction while using readily available building materials and CAD/CAM technologies. Directed Autopoiesis (Shroff) is focused on self-organisational qualities of informal settlements while extracting their spatial logic into a game like system for semi-directed ad-hoc urban design.

| Students | 2010_Newfangled Blocks by Travis Fitch | 2009_MetaCAVE v2' by Eddy Man Kim | 2009_Directed Autopoiesis by Kayzad Shroff |