2018 January

Senyai project wins the 2017 LIT Design Awards in the Hotel and Restaurant Design category. LIT Design Awards was created with the belief that lighting is an art and a science, and it is one of the most important elements of design.

2017 December

Aisha Han writes about Senyai in The Tartan, Carnegie Mellon’s student newspaper.

2017 November

Senyai project wins The American Architecture Prize, read more in the CMU news article.


| Freshmen Digital Media Course | Spring 2012 |

| Cornell University | Instructor: Dana Cupkova |

This class introduces students to a basic understanding of design-computation as a tool for representation, drawing, modeling and three-dimensional form making for architectural design. As the architectural discipline is being confronted by an influx of always evolving digital technologies, our methods of visual communication, design processes and production evolve. The capacity to express aesthetic formal intent through digital sketching and prototyping, or embed information directly into the design process is critical and has engendered new trends in the conventions of architectural drawing. We are no longer designing and representing a single static state of an object, but investigating a series of instances and effects that can help us imagine new built environments emended into a particular fiction or reality. This class teaches spatial and visual communication strategies that intend to build an overall computational literacy of form-making, evolve design sensibilities, and introduce digital prototyping as a springboard for future design investigations.

| TEACHING ASSISTANTS: Michael Cabrera, Sebastian Hernandez, Serena Lee, Lin Runsheng | STUDENTS: Tyler Barker, Angela Carbone, Blair Chang, Prim Chanarat , Jared Curtis, Laura Davidson, Joshua Harrison, Kevin Jin He, Kate Daye Lee, Rafael Martinez, Andrew Moorman, Karl Pops, Won Ryu, Cole Skaggs, Daniel Toretsky, Jennifer Wang |