2018 January

Senyai project wins the 2017 LIT Design Awards in the Hotel and Restaurant Design category. LIT Design Awards was created with the belief that lighting is an art and a science, and it is one of the most important elements of design.

2017 December

Aisha Han writes about Senyai in The Tartan, Carnegie Mellon’s student newspaper.

2017 November

Senyai project wins The American Architecture Prize, read more in the CMU news article.

Megafest: Art-Work-Art-Museum

| Kuenstlerhaus Wien | Spring 2002 |

| Installation @ Architectural Triennial | Built |

ART-WORK-ART-MUSEUM is simultaneously an artwork, a model of an artwork, a work of architecture and an actual museum. By exclusion or inclusion of specific art works an art museum contains its view of art history. Our Art Museum is a repository for a new art and architectural idea, a Mega Idea that is, by default, the summation of all art and architectural ideas. This museum makes reference to and contains all the concepts that constitute an Art Museum. This museum contains the history of Art, the history of Architecture, the history of Art Museums, and the history of Ideas. The art museum is a specific typology that by definition combines art and architecture, and negotiates the boundaries between them. Until recently most art museums were Greco-Roman edifices, with clear distinction between outside and inside, architecture and art, the envelope and its contents. Recently these boundaries have become blurred, but distinctions still remain. Recently the art museums because of their grandiose architecture have become more important then the art that they house. We propose to reverse this and make a work of art that houses a work of architecture.

Young European Architects
Wonderland Travelogue

| CONCEPT and DESIGN: Dana Cupkova @DCm-STUDIO | CONCEPT LIAISON: Martin Meyers | CONSTRUCTION: Paijtinka Cabinetry |