2018 January

Senyai project wins the 2017 LIT Design Awards in the Hotel and Restaurant Design category. LIT Design Awards was created with the belief that lighting is an art and a science, and it is one of the most important elements of design.

2017 December

Aisha Han writes about Senyai in The Tartan, Carnegie Mellon’s student newspaper.

2017 November

Senyai project wins The American Architecture Prize, read more in the CMU news article.

Emergent Ecologies of Post-Soviet Housing Block

| Bratislava, Slovakia | Spring 2012 |

| Design-Research Project | Supported by Arnold W. Brunner Grant, AIA NY Chapter |

BIO-CLIMATIC NICHE enables a design focused approach to environmental analysis as both a first mode of inquiry and as input for a design method for building adaptive parametric models linked to specific series of data sets. This way of working provide an alternative analytical model for more effective form finding and performative testing. Rather than designing a single solution to the problem we designed a process, which suggests trending for loose fit distribution of specific energy harvesting systems, while negotiating between individual and collective ownership of the housing and landscapes. Potential forms and system configurations can be explored using a data driven design protocol that uses a dynamic four dimensional digital data map to determine which component distributions are appropriate for particular zones of the district. Aggregated in Grasshopper and Rhinoceros, the data map was constructed using site-collected information, public land use databases, photogrammetry, and simulation tools, including radiation mapping and computational fluid dynamics wind speed data.

ACADIA 2012 Project Proceedings

| PIs & DESIGN PRINCIPALS: Dana Cupkova + Kevin Pratt | DESIGN TEAM: Andrew Heumann, Sebastian Hernandez |