2018 March

Dana speaks at the CMUThink Pittsburgh event themed around Greening the Urban Environment. This Alumni Association University event introduces CMU’s innovative research and technology that could lead to healthier cities.

2018 March

Epiphyte Lab has been recognized as the Next Progressive design practice by ARCHITECT, The Journal of American Institute of Architects. Learn more about Epiphyte Lab’s design work in the interview with Dana.

2018 March

Dana presents Senyai: Vaulted Acoustics project at the Building Behaviors panel, 106th Annual Meeting ACSA, Denver, CO.


| 2nd Year Core Design Studio | Summer 2007 |

| Cornell University | Instructor: Dana Cupkova |

Mail Order House is a design studio that explores the tension between effectiveness and efficiency in material use of prefabricated assemblies through design. Questioning the general definition of efficiency within the construction industry we incorporate issues of dis-assembly, material weight and recycle-ability, component recovery, time and adaptation into the architectural design process. The goal of this studio is to propose a simple building assembly system composed of lightweight recyclable materials: high density foam and impregnated cardboard, while thinking about scale, size and foldability of material components relative to transportation needs and complexity of construction. Systemic understanding of the modular component logic and its variation through the sequence of assembly and dis-assembly is tested in a series of physical models, drawings and computer models.

| STUDENTS: Molly Chiang, Heera Gangaramani, Amanda Huang, Lisa Hollywood, Winnie Poon, Jaeyourl Song, Yao Wang |