2018 March

Dana speaks at the CMUThink Pittsburgh event themed around Greening the Urban Environment. This Alumni Association University event introduces CMU’s innovative research and technology that could lead to healthier cities.

2018 March

Epiphyte Lab has been recognized as the Next Progressive design practice by ARCHITECT, The Journal of American Institute of Architects. Learn more about Epiphyte Lab’s design work in the interview with Dana.

2018 March

Dana presents Senyai: Vaulted Acoustics project at the Building Behaviors panel, 106th Annual Meeting ACSA, Denver, CO.

2018 February

Dana speaks at the Design Matters Lecture Series organized by the Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary.

2018 February

Dana conducts workshop and participates in TayorX Symposium, supported by The Laboratory for Integrative Design, that brings to Calgary leading designers, thinkers and makers across scales to discuss the ways in which research is informing contemporary critical practice.

2018 January

Senyai project wins the 2017 LIT Design Awards in the Hotel and Restaurant Design category. LIT Design Awards was created with the belief that lighting is an art and a science, and it is one of the most important elements of design.

2017 December

Aisha Han writes about Senyai in The Tartan, Carnegie Mellon’s student newspaper.

2017 November

Senyai project wins The American Architecture Prize, read more in the CMU news article.

2017 November

Dana Cupkova presents research paper Modulating Thermal Mass Behavior Through Surface Figuration at ACADIA 2017 Disciplines and Disruption Conference, at MIT Media Lab.

2017 November

Migratory Landform is exhibited at MIT Media Lab as a part of the peer reviewed project exhibition for ACADIA 2017 Disciplines and Disruption Conference.

2017 October

Pedro Veloso writes about Cupkova’s design studios in the journal article O Ensino de Projeto e o Processo de Design Paramétrico: Desafios e Perspectivas.

2017 October

An Excavation of Digital Form article reviews Designing the Computational Image, Imagining Computational Design exhibition, featuring Dana Cupkova’s drawings.

2017 October

Dana Cupkova speaks at Computational Design: Practices, Histories, Infrastructures Symposium at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.

2017 October

Indeterminate Set 003 (link here) is featured in the Designing the Computational Image / Imagining Computational Design exhibition at the Miller Gallery CMU, curated by Daniel Cardoso Llach.

2017 April

Food and architecture of Senyai Restaurant are reviewed in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

2017 March 31

Dana Cupkova speaks at the Material Interactions Symposium, focused on the current and future impacts of sensing, actuation, and robotic technologies in design, at CUNY, New York City.

2017 March

Dana Cupkova lectures at the University of Minnesota School of Architecture and conducts workshop on Contingent Scapes as a part of Architecture as a Catalyst: DIFFERENCE lecture and workshop series.

2016 December

Migratory Landform is awarded a Special Mention in the d3 2016 Natural Systems Competition.

2016 October

Bread Bondage wins Object Competition and is exhibited at the SoA Austin UT as a part of The Secret Life of Buildings Symposium.

2016 October

Dana Cupkova presents Contingent Landscapes at ACADIA 2016 Posthuman Frontiers: Data, Designers, and Cognitive Machines, at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Ann Arbor, MI, and chairs the session Programmable Matter: Active Form.

2016 June

Dana co-chairs CROSS-AMERICAS: Probing Disglobal Networks, ACSA 2016 International Conference in Santiago, Chile.

2016 March

Dana Cupkova is invited to lecture at the Integrated Innovation Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

2015 October

Dana Cupkova chairs the Geomimesis: Landforming Session at ACADIA 15 Computational Ecologies: Design in the Anthropocene Conference at the University of Cincinnati.

2015 October

Dana presents EPI-FLOW: Towards Resiliency of Post-Industrial City Networks at the ACSA 103 Annual Conference 2015, in the special focus session: Demystifying Resilience, in Toronto.

2015 September

Dana presents Environment, Form, and Feedback: Creative Inquiry into Behavior and Design at Exploring Science in the Studio, AICAD 2015.

2015 April 2

Dana Cupkova is invited as a Spatial Networks session respondent at Non Discrete Architectures: Networks, Digital Prosthetics and Augmentation Conference at Penn Design, Philadelphia, PA.

2015 April

Dana Cupkova presents Morphologically Controlled Thermal Rate of Ultra High Performance Concrete at the Material Research Society 2015 Spring Meeting, NSF Conference held in San Francisco, CA.


Dana Cupkova is awarded a Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance grant for her research project: Investigating Thermal Performance through Geometric and Thermochromic Variations of Modular Ultra High Performance Concrete, co-PI Shi-Chune Yao, in collaboration with TaKTL LLC.

2014 November

Dana presents Visualizing Thermal Morphologies at the TxA Emerging Design and Technology Conference.

2014 October

Dana presents Mass Regimes: Geometrically Actuated Thermal Flows at ACADIA 2014, held at the University of Southern California School of Architecture.

2014 June

EPIPHYTE Lab’s design work is featured in the new book by Andrea Simitch and Val Warke: The Language of Architecture.

2014 May 17

Dana Cupkova is elected to the ACADIA Board of Directors.

2014 May

Dana Cupkova is invited to the final reviews at UPENN School of Design, UB School of Architecture and CORNELL Architecture Department.

2014 April

Dana Cupkova is awarded the Berkman Faculty Development Fun for research project Mass Regimes, Geometrically Actuated Thermal Flows.

2014 April

Dana Cupkova is invited to be an external reviewer for Stuckeman School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Collaborative Design Research and Design Computing Grant Proposals.

2014 March

Dana’s work is published in the I am a Woman Architect - (in)visible Women Architects in Slovakia exhibition catalog in Bratislava and London.

2014 March

Dana Cupkova is selected for Carnegie Mellon’s Berkman Faculty Development Award to expand her work on MASS REGIMES research project.

2014 February

Dana Cupkova is awarded the Decade of Design Grant: The AIA Urban and Regional Solutions Challenge for a research project Resiliency of Postindustrial City Networks, co-PIs Christine Mondor and Nina Baird.

2014 February 7-10

Dana Cupkova co-organizes and moderates ELICITING ENVIRONMENTS | ACTUATING RESPONSE: A mini-symposium and exhibition focused on emerging design trends that embed adaptive behavior into architectural matter.

2014 January

Read more about upcoming symposium ELICITING ENVIRONMENTS | ACTUATING RESPONSE at suckerPUNCH and ArchDaily.

2013 December 4

Dana Cupkova is invited to give a talk and present her work at Harvard GSD.

2013 June

Dana and Kevin’s article on FUZZY METRICS is published in The Cornell Journal of Architecture, Vol 9, Mathematics: From Ideal to Uncertain.

2013 May

Dana Cupkova serves on the ACADIA 2013 Peer Review Board.

2013 April 27

Dana is invited to PENN State Stuckeman School of Architecture Thesis Reviews as a Kossman Critic.

2013 April 25

Dana Cupkova is awarded 2013 Isabel Sophia Liceaga Award supporting ongoing work on MASS REGIMES research project.

2013 March 21-24

Dana Cupkova presents Systemic Formations paper at the invited session of Reciprocal Systems: Code vs. Environment, ACSA 101: New Constellations, New Ecologies Conference in San Francisco.

2013 February 8-9

Dana Cupkova speaks at the EnCoding Architecture Conference, Carnegie Mellon University.

2013 February 1-2

Dana Cupkova moderates a Multi-scalar Architectures: Design Ecologies from Micro to Macro session at the Design for Biodiversity Symposium: Architectural Responses to Urban Ecology, Cornell University.

2013 February 1-2

Kevin Pratt co-organizes and speaks at the Design for Biodiversity Symposium: Architectural Responses to Urban Ecology at Cornell University.

2013 January

Dana Cupkova receives NYSCA 2013 Architecture + Design Grant to support EPIPHYTE Lab’s MASS REGIMES research project.

2013 January 1

Dana Cupkova is appointed a Lucian & Rita Caste Chair Assistant Professorship at the Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture.

2012 December 3

Please join us at the Center for Architecture Foundation in NYC for at Dana’s ADAPTIVE MODULARITY talk and reception of Arnold W. Brunner Grant Recipients.

2012 October 18-21

Our GREEN NEGLIGEE project is featured at the ACADIA 2012 conference and exhibition of juried projects WILD CARDS.

2012 October

Our M_HOUSE SYSTEM project is published in the book CONTEMPORARY GREEN PREFAB: Industrialized and Kit Architecture, by Monsa Publications, Barcelona, Spain.

2012 September 7-9

Dana Cupkova is invited to the SCI-Arc Graduate Thesis Reviews.

2012 September

GREEN NEGLIGEE is featured at suckerPUNCH daily.

2012 August 1-3

SUSTAIN sandbox platform is finally getting out: Kevin Pratt presents the ‘New Methods for the Construction and Interpretation of High Dimensional Parametric Building Energy Models’ paper at SimBuild 2012.

2012 May

‘A tight budget for an ultra-sustainable home pushed Epiphyte Lab toward new aesthetic frontiers’: Green Building & Design Magazine publishes article on HSU HOUSE.

2012 March

Jenny Sabin reviews our GREEN NEGLIGEE project in her Reaching a Sustainable Symbiosis article for The Architectural Review: Towards a Complete Architecture.

2012 February 3-4

Dana and Kevin present GREEN NEGLIGEE at the symposium Sustaining Sustainability: Alternative Approaches in Urban Ecology and Architecture, The Hans and Roger Strauch Symposium on Sustainable Design organized by Michael Hensel at Cornell University.

2011 September

DWELL Magazine features HSU HOUSE in their “Houses We Love” section of the October issue “Made in the USA, American Design Makes Come Back”.

2011 August 12

INHABITAT features article by Andrew Michler: Prefab M_House System Makes Complex Forms Out of Simple Materials.

2011 August 1

E-architect news features our M_HOUSE System project.

2011 July 16-18

Dana and Kevin speak at the Talk 20 Session of Performative Practices: Architecture and Engineering in the Twenty-First Century, 2011 ACSA Teachers Seminar, where Kevin also gives a joint keynote with Prof. Donald P. Greenberg.

2011 April 15-16

Dana speaks about ‘Methods’ and Kevin speaks about ‘Tools’ at Imminent Ecologies, The Hans and Roger Strauch Symposium on Sustainable Design at Cornell University.

2011 March 29

INHABITAT picked up our Hsu House project in the article by Diane Pham: Multi-Faceted Hsu House is a Modern Home with Exceptional Sustainable Features.

2011 March 25

Jennifer Krichels writes about the Hsu House Mass Wall in Architect’s Newspaper | FabriKator Blog.

2011 March 20-22

Kevin Pratt gives keynote at CHAMPS 2011, The 8th International Forum and Workshop on Heat, Air, Moisture and Pollutant Simulations, in Nanjing China.

2011 February 28

See Arch Daily’s Hsu HOUSE link.

2011 February 21

Hsu House is featured at E-architect news.

2010 November

Cornell’s online publication ASSOCIATION Vol.4 publishes Dana Cupkova’s research seminar work on ADAPTIVE COMPONENT SYSTEMS. The research work was supported by the Faculty Innovation in Teaching Grant, funded by Office of the Provost, Cornell University.

2010 November 16

Dana and Kevin speak about SUSTAINABLE AESTHETICS at the Light in Winter event, organized in partnership with Science Cabaret, Festival of Science and Arts, Ithaca, New York.

2010 November 9

Kevin Pratt, along with other five scholars - Michelle Addington (Yale), Anna Dyson (RPI), Alison Kwok (UOregon), Jelena Srebric (PennState), and Christoph Reinhart (GSD) - participated at Harvard’s GSD conference and panel: ECOLOGICAL PRACTICES: New Directions in Sustainability Research; on how design thinking is to be guided in the newly emerging sustainable frameworks.

2010 September

The Ithaca Journal publishes article “Ithaca ‘Green House’ Owners Hope Home Will Leave No Trace” about the recently completed Hsu House project. The Hsu House is part of the Green Buildings Open House Tour.

2010 September

Cornell Chronicle article reporting on the collaborative 1.83 million dollar Department of Energy grant for building simulation research awarded to Kevin Pratt.

2010 August

New Scientist magazine features an article on Urban Wind Power that references Vibro-Wind Technology being developed by an interdisciplinary group that includes Kevin & Dana.

2010 August

‘Where computer simulation and architecture meet’: See Kevin talking about his interdisciplinary research on Cornell Cast.

2009 December

Kevin Pratt presents paper “Using Emergy Analysis as a Basis for Design Methodologies and Decision Making in Sustainable Architecture” at the 2009 Energy Forum in Bressanone, Italy.

2009 September 23

Kevin Pratt is featured in The Cornell Daily Sun.

2009 September 7-12

Dana Cupkova’s COMPONENT SYSTEMS Exhibition takes place at Hartell Gallery, Cornell University, AAP. You can find more information about the work at ADAPTIVE COMPONENT SYSTEMS Blog.

2009 September

Kevin Pratt is named a Fellow of the Cornell University Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future.

2009 June

Dana Cupkova receives a Faculty Innovation in Teaching Grant, funded by Office of the Provost, Cornell University, to further develop a framework for ADAPTIVE COMPONENT SYSTEMS research.

2007 August

Dana Cupkova is invited to participate in the ‘Form Follows…Risk, the international exhibition that shows an attempt of contemporary sculpture and architecture to find a new form in a highly complex hybrid whole.

2005 June 9

Dana Cupkova presents Sandra Gering Gallery project at The Architectural League of New York in the annual lecture series ‘New York Designs 2005: So what’s the big idea?’