2018 March

Dana speaks at the CMUThink Pittsburgh event themed around Greening the Urban Environment. This Alumni Association University event introduces CMU’s innovative research and technology that could lead to healthier cities.

2018 March

Epiphyte Lab has been recognized as the Next Progressive design practice by ARCHITECT, The Journal of American Institute of Architects. Learn more about Epiphyte Lab’s design work in the interview with Dana.

2018 March

Dana presents Senyai: Vaulted Acoustics project at the Building Behaviors panel, 106th Annual Meeting ACSA, Denver, CO.


| 2nd Year Core Design Studio | Fall 2008 |

| Cornell University | Instructor: Dana Cupkova |

Oenotel explores ranges of experiential fusions between a hotel and wine tasting. Investigating performative variations within the standardization of hotel typology, we propose programmatic incorporation of wine tasting and the promotion of wine production from the Finger Lakes region. In the City of Ithaca the needs for hotel accommodation fluctuate rapidly according to the season and academic calendar. This enables us to rethink organizational and occupational balance between private habitation and public use of the hotel spaces. The goal is to challenge the normative character of a hotel type, while exploiting its repetitive nature. Hotels are highly repetitive building types, often resulting in developer defined and economy driven solutions. Very little attention is directed towards any site specificity and temporal use as potential agents to drive internal and external organization and programmatic hybridization. Despite for our desire for variation, we accept a need for repetition as a viable material and economic solution to the reality of building construction. This studio seeks to understand repetitive nature of modularity as a malleable organizational method which can generate a greater systemic responsiveness to any deviation from the standard type and allows one to speculate about alternative models for temporary habitation, which could support public urban spaces for the community at large.

| STUDENTS: Andrew Heumann, Peter Levins, Hugo Lemes, Jae Hee Lee, Karl Tsui, Walker Smith-Williams, Patricia Echeverria |