2018 March

Dana speaks at the CMUThink Pittsburgh event themed around Greening the Urban Environment. This Alumni Association University event introduces CMU’s innovative research and technology that could lead to healthier cities.

2018 March

Epiphyte Lab has been recognized as the Next Progressive design practice by ARCHITECT, The Journal of American Institute of Architects. Learn more about Epiphyte Lab’s design work in the interview with Dana.

2018 March

Dana presents Senyai: Vaulted Acoustics project at the Building Behaviors panel, 106th Annual Meeting ACSA, Denver, CO.

REYES Residence

| New York, NY | CD Phase 2006-08 |

| Interior Renovation | Proposal |

The Reyes Residence is a proposal for the complete renovation and combination of three studio apartments into a single family duplex in the Central Park West district of New York City. Formerly three separate hotel rooms located at the inverted corner of the building courtyard, the challenge of this project was to create a tightly integrated vertical convenience stair, which enables a flexible spatial organization while only minimally impacting the overall size of the occupiable floor-plate. The interior surface geometry is constructed to wrap all the existing structure and its hard edges, creating a fluid, undulating effect. The ceiling form enables the insertion of light sources into the surface. It produces a sense of lightness via large reflective inclined planes, while not impacting the perception of the room’s height. Most built interventions are designed as cabinetry, creating spatial subdivision, programmatic nodes and storage. This strategy maintains the privacy of selected areas, while creating a sense of a spacious yet compact space for living.

| DESIGN PRINCIPAL: Dana Cupkova ©DCm-STUDIO | DESIGN TEAM: Kevin Pratt, Brenda Petroff, Kelly Yarasavage, Sanny Ho-Yan Ng, Arthur Liu, James Ferullo, Patrick Delahoy | MEP CONSULTANT: Hillary Lobo | STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Robert Silman Assoc. | LIGHTING CONSULTANT: Technical Artistry, Inc. |